offer wide range of industrial marking solutions for customers in Baltic region.

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Industrial printers.
 Industrial label printers (Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer)
 Industrial inkjet printers for printing directly on packaging
 Industrial thermal transfer printers for mounting on packaging lines
Metal marking and engraving equipment.
Laser marking systems for metal marking and dot-peen marking systems for metal marking.


 Solid state - EV, Vanadite Lasers
 Fibre Lasers & High Power Lasers
 Pneumatic dot-peen marking devices for deep marking
 Electromechanical dot-peen marking devices soft metal marking
 Portable - Handheld, battery powered metal marking devices
 Scribe marking systems for quiet high quality metal marking
 Dataplate marking printers
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Wood marking equipment and solutions.
Solutions and equipment for automatic Wood, Timber and Furniture marking.
 Lasers for printing on wood
 Industrial inkjet printers for direct printing on wood
 Automatic label applicators for lumber pallet labelling
 Dot-peen equipment for permanent furniture part marking
 Heavy Duty pneumatic staple guns for wood product labelling

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Permanent marking for Furniture manufacturing industry.
Electromechanical and Pneumatic dot-peen marking systems for making permanent marking on wood or plastic or furniture parts.

For Traceability
For Identification & Quality control
For Furniture assembly instructions
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PET bottle marking with laser marking systems.
CO₂ Laser, Green Laser and Solid state - EV, Vanadite Laser marking systems for "best before date", "use by date" and other variable information coding on PET bottles.

Permanent and counterfeiting safe marking of PET bottles.
    + Easy and reliable marking of multi color PET bottles with one device. 
    + No hassle to change ink color when bottle color changes.
    + No need to clean continuous inkjet printer system.
    + No worries about ink costs.

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    Laser marking using chemical additives.

    For complicated applications to mark materials which are insusceptible to laser beam radiation and hard to markk can be used psecial chemical additives which enables even color marking on various materials - metals, ceramics and glass even with CO2 lasers.

Industrial floor & pavement marking solutions.

Concrete floor marking.
Warehouse and factory floor marking.
Garage and workshop floor marking solutions.

  • Floor marking tapes.
  • Floor marking shapes.
  • Anti-slip tapes.
  • Fluorescent tapes
Green lasers for high contrast marking on plastics.
Q-switched, fiber-coupled, diode end-pumped and frequency doubled (green wavelength) Nd: YVO4 laser.

The 532nm wavelength of the EV4G offers extra power and speed for precision marking, scribing, trimming and other material processing that is not well suited for near IR or CO2 wavelength lasers.

The EV4G is a completely aircooled, very compact, easily integrated package requiring very little maintenance. With an expected lifetime for the pump diode of over 250,000 hours, downtime is dramatically reduced.

Because of the modular fiber coupled design, diode replacement can be completed quickly with no need to re-align the laser.

Standard Lens Configurations:
  • 100mm, Marking field: 55mm X 55mm) (2.17˝ X 2.17˝)
  • 160mm, Marking field: 110mm X 110mm (4.33˝ X 4.33˝)
  • 250mm, Marking field: 170mm X 170mm (6.69˝ X 6.69˝)
Custom configurations available upon special request.
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Safe, secure and permanent marking for meat packaging.
Modern laser marking systems for direct sausage polyamide casing marking without damage.
  • Economy - no ink = no running costs.
  • Security - impossible to counterfeit or erase marking.
  • Reliability & Reduced Downtime - no ink to clog up the system.
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Fish & Seafood product packaging marking.
Laser equipment for fish can marking.
  • Economy - no ink, running costs reduced dramatically.
  • Reliability & Reduced downtime - no ink to clog up the system.
  • Security - impossible to counterfeit or erase marking.
Color inkjet printers for direct multi-color label printing on packaging.
Print what You need - when You need.
High resolution - Multiple colors.
On any material.
Custom made solutions for installation on fishing vessels.
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Glass marking.
 Glass marking using CO₂ Lasers
 Glass marking using UV Lasers
  • "Cold Marking"
  • No micro-fractures
  • High Quality Identification
  • Expected lifetime - over 500 000 hours
How does glass micro-fracture looks like?
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Label printers
Direct Thermal
Thermal Transfer

Non - contact marking
CIJ - Continuous inkjet
DOD - Piezoelectric inkjet
DOD - Thermal inkjet
Laser marking solutions
CO₂ Lasers
YAG & Fibre Lasers
UV & Innovative Lasers
Contact marking
Hot Foil printers
Thermal Transfer Printers (TTO)
Labelling systems
Dot-peen marking systems
Scribe marking systems
Portable marking equipment
Laser safety solutions
Laser Micromachining Systems
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
Laser Surface Cleaning
Portable marking gun

Marking window: 140x40mm
Deep marking
LED Illumination
Optional toolpost
Pneumatic system
Rack & Pinion Drive
Floating Pin Technology