offer wide range of Industrial Marking Equipment & Solutions to clients in Baltic states - Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Alongside standard systems we specialize on complicated projects, metal marking solutions and advanced laser systems for manufacturing.

Not all equipment we offer is listed on our website and each project is unique so to get more thorough information and consultation we encourage potential clients to contact us via our e-mail:

Metal marking equipment and solutions.

Electromechanic "dot peen" marking equipment.
For marking softer metals like aluminium.
Pneumatic "dot peen" marking equipment.
For marking harder metals like stainless steel and metal parts that will be galvanized and painted afterwards.
Portable dot-peen metal marking systems.

Laser marking equipment.
CO2, YAG, Fibre, UV and solid state lasers for complicated marking needs like for example high contrast or even color marking on metal, glass, stone or polymers.

CO2 lasersYAG and Fibre lasersUV and other lasers
Chemical aditives for laser marking.
Additionally to equipment sales we offer consumables and yet non popular marking solutions in our countries as for example use of chemical additives to achieve different color marks on hardly markable products and substrates.

Use of chemical additives can enable existing equipment for example CO2 laser owners to make color mark on metal or glass with already existing equipment.

Wood marking equipment and solutions.
As one of the main industries in Baltic region is woodworking and to produce highly competitive product for export manufacturers are required to print CE, FSC, PEFC or other marking on their products we offer wide range of solutions to automate wood product marking.
Printing on wood with inkjet printers.

Printing on wood with industrial laser marking systems.

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    Non contact marking for food packaging.
    Piezoelectric and Thermal DoD inkjet printers. (DoD)

Piezoelectric and Thermal inkjet printers for printing on porous product packaging - cardboard boxes or to print derectly on product - wood.

Printers with UV ink for printing on non porous products like film packaging in flow-pack packagers.

    Continuous inkjet printers. (CIJ)

Industrial printers for best before date, batch number and other variable information printing on product, widely used on marking of PET bottles.

    Contact marking for food and pharmaceutical packaging.
    Thermal transfer printers for packaging lines.

Print modules for installation in packaging lines - flow-pack packagers, to print variable information - barcodes, batch numbersor even small label directly on packaging film.

    Hot Foil printers for packaging lines.

Hot Foil printers for printing directly on packaging. Relatively cheap and very reliable solution for permanent marking of best before date, batch code or other static information on packaging.

Widely used in pharmacy industry to make counterfeiting safe marking on product.

To find out more about equipment we offer please contact us via e-mail:

Label printers
Direct Thermal
Thermal Transfer
Non - contact marking
CIJ - Continuous inkjet
DOD - Piezoelectric inkjet
DOD - Thermal inkjet
Laser marking solutions
CO₂ Lasers
YAG & Fibre Lasers
UV & Innovative Lasers
Contact marking equipment
Hot Foil printers
Thermal Transfer Printers (TTO)
Labelling systems
Dot-peen marking systems
Scribe marking systems
Portable marking equipment
Laser safety solutions
Laser Micromachining Systems
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
Laser Surface Cleaning
Portable marking gun

Marking window: 140x40mm
Deep marking
LED Illumination
Optional toolpost
Pneumatic system
Rack & Pinion Drive
Floating Pin Technology
Floor marking.