Industrial floor marking.

Inspection and advice to improve Safety at Work.
Advice on how to improve efficiency with zone marking.
Solutions for Transport and Logistics buildings.
Solutions for Manufacturing and Industrial buildings.
Design & Planning.

Project design service considering your building and storage requirements.
Creation of visual representation for your warehouse line marking system - complete with safety barriers, warehouse signs and identification products as required.
Warehouse floor plan marking design.
Hazard zone planning.
Loading and unloading zone planning.
5S & 6S LEAN manufacturing system design.
Installation services.

Indoor line marking installations.
Outdoor line marking installations. (car parks, loading bays)
Safety and Hazard - Warning zone marking installations.
Loading and Unloading zone line marking installations.
Warehouse and Factory floor marking.
Garage and Workshop floor marking.
Virtual (LED Light) Safety Sign installations.
Photoluminescent “glow in the dark” solution installations.
"Anti-Slip" and "Anti-Skid" material installations.
Preformed Thermoplastic material installations.
Safety Bollard and Barrier installations.
Pallet rack and Car Park protection guard installations.
We are based in Baltic region but we offer project design and installation services in all European Union.
Specialized floor marking tapes.
Plastic tapes.
Hazard and Warning tapes.
Photoluminescent tapes.
Preformed Thermoplastics.
Decorative Thermoplastics.
What tapes are we using for our installations?

For our line marking and warehouse marking projects we are using specialized floor marking tapes.

We do not use and do not sell regular "scotch", "duck tape" or similar types of self-adhesive tapes.
Self-Adhesive tapes we are installing are specialist products designed and manufactured specifically for floor marking purposes.

These tapes are much more thicker and also more expensive than "cheap tapes" others offer.

For example - the thickness of specialized tapes can reach 2mm and they are made from plastic, not vinyl.

"Anti-Slip" - "Anti - Skid" solutions.
"Anti-Slip" tapes.
"Anti-Slip" Preformed Thermoplastic solutions.
"Anti-Slip" prefabricated boards.

Solutions for workshops and garages.

Hazard zone marking.
Lift area marking.
Pit area marking.
Fire Safety area marking.
Tool storage area marking.

Solutions for Transport and Logistics sector.

Hazard zone marking for distribution centers.
Truck loading and unloading ramp - dock area marking.

Electronic Virtual (LED light) signs.

Special Virtual (LED light) signs are perfect solution for high traffic areas where traditional floor signs can’t hold up.

Using the latest in projection technology, Virtual signs displays bright, vivid light that is easy to read.

Virtual sign units are easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

Preformed Thermoplastic marking.

Thermoplastic markings.
"Anti-Slip" solutions.
Tactile markings.
Certified markings and symbols.

Permanent marking with long-term durability.

Decorative surface marking solutions.

Decorative markings.

Solutions for play area and car park decorative improvements.

Creative business branding solutions like marking with corporate colours, logos or symbols the entrance of your business premises.

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Label printers
Direct Thermal
Thermal Transfer
Non - contact marking
CIJ - Continuous inkjet
DOD - Piezoelectric inkjet
DOD - Thermal inkjet
Laser marking solutions
CO₂ Lasers
YAG & Fibre Lasers
UV & Innovative Lasers
Contact marking
Hot Foil printers
Thermal Transfer Printers (TTO)
Labelling systems
Dot-peen marking systems
Scribe marking systems
Portable marking equipment
Laser safety solutions
Laser Micromachining Systems
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
Laser Surface Cleaning
Portable marking gun

Marking window: 140x40mm
Deep marking
LED Illumination
Optional toolpost
Pneumatic system
Rack & Pinion Drive
Floating Pin Technology
Floor marking.