Laser marking using Fibre and YAG lasers.
Optical fiber laser markers are ideal for heavy duty - high productivity industrial applications, typically marking a range of metals or plastics, where a robust compact marking system is desired.
The durable design is perfect for integration into a high-volume production line, and a dual-scanning head version can further boost production throughput.
The TELESIS F-Series is a family of maintenance free Q-switched ytterbium fiber lasers specifically designed for marking applications with average power levels of 10-150W.
These lasers deliver a high power laser beam directly to the marking head via a flexible metal sheathed fiber optic cable.
The fiber based optical design and rugged mechanical design allows these markers to operate in an industrial environment where shock, vibration and dust are a concern.
The F-Series Laser Marking Systems offers a best in class 100,000 hour MTBF diode reliability with no water cooling requirements, and only single phase 110/220VAC power requirements.
Laser marking sample on titanium.
Laser marking sample on copper
Telesis Technologies Inc. pioneered the use of fibre laser technology in product identification with Zenith 10F in 2003.

Over the years Telesis Technologies Inc. have proven to be world leader in laser development and in late 2017 launched completely redesigned Fibre Laser product range with unique and industry leading features like:
  • 3D marking capabilities.
  • TeleView built in camera systems.
  • Ultra High Power Fibre Lasers.
  • Dual Beam Fibre Lasers.
  • Vari-Z, 3-axis beam deflection systems.
  • In-Line Vision systems.
  • Viewfinder.
  • Auto-Focus.
  • 2D code grading and grading. (TeleView)
  • QR code reading and grading. (Cognex)
FL-202020WBrochure Рекламный проспект
FL-203030WTeleViewBrochure Рекламный проспект
FQ-5050WTeleViewBrochure Рекламный проспект
FQ-7575WTeleViewBrochure Рекламный проспект
TELESIS FQD100 100W - Dual Beam Fibre Laser Marker.
The FQD100 offers several advantages over single galvo lasers:
  • Concentrated beams for deep marking.
  • Faster cycle time.
  • One beam can do a cleaning pass as the second beam follows directly with laser mark.
  • One beam can mark man readable while the second beam does 2D code.
  • Increased marking window due to two lenses Variety in configuration.
  • FQD100 can be customized to meet the application needs.
Deep Laser marking on springs
One Laser - Two Beams
Perhaps in highly demanding application a combination of 10W and 20W marks are required to be ompleted in single production cycle with singe machine.

FQD100 can be delivered in many different configurations based on the utilization of two individual sources - different power laser beams can be installed in single system.
One product - part, can be marked in Two places, at the same time, with One Fibre Laser Marking System saving time and money.
FQD100 can also be configured with High Power Lasers for deep marking applications.
TELESIS FQD100 brochure  
TELESIS FQ2H Dual Head Fibre lasers
TELESIS Dual Head Fibre Laser system is designed for highly demanding applications where deep marking or fast production speeds are required.
One Controller - Two Lasers
This unique and patented system allows user to control 2 lasers using single controller.

Dual Head configuration allows great flexibility in installations on production lines and can provide dramatic savings for users.

TELESIS F2H brochure  
From late 2017 TELESIS majority of laser marking systems comes as standard with built-in TeleView camera system.
TeleView camera system allows operators to:
  • See product / part on computer screen.
  • Easily position product / part in marking field with ease. 
  • Infdicates when part is in focus.
  • Allow reading and grading of 2D codes.
TeleView built-in camera systems come as standard for selected TELESIS laser marking systems.

As alternative customers can also choose to have Cognex camera systems installed in TELESIS laser marking systems.

Options & Customization capabilities.
Telesis Technologies Inc. is not only the leader in laser marking technologies, but also leader in customization of industrial laser marking systems.

We can manufacture such laser marking systems that other manufacturers will not be capable to develop and will not even consider to offer to their customers.

If You have marking project or requirement that other laser manufacturers have rejected as impossible, We can probably provide a solution for You.

Just some of the options available for our lasers:
  • Custom designed safety enclosures - cabinets. (Any size - Any requirements.)
  • Extra long - custom made laser cables.
  • Individually designed beam power combinations.
  • Individually designed laser power combinations under single controller.
  • Industrial robotics + Lasers.
  • Individually designed High Power Lasers.
  • 3D Laser Marking Systems
  • In-Line Vision Systems.

Or standard options such as:

  • Toolposts.
  • TeleView or Cognex built in cameras.
  • Rotary devices.
  • Ring Light.
  • Viewfinder.
  • Auto-Focus.

Most of Our Systems come as standard with such options which our competitors don't offer even for extra charge.
TELESIS Laser Marking Systems - Catalogue 2017

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