Dot-peen marking systems.
What is dot-peen marking?
Dot-peen marking - also called pin marking, is permanent, direct contact, part marking technology, predominantly used for metal marking.
Although this technology was originally designed and is mainly used for metal marking applications, it can also be used for other hard material marking, like for example plastic part marking or wood marking.
How does it work?
Dot-peen marking technology is based on a principle of metal needle hitting the surface and leaving permanent, small dots in it.
Dots can also be produced continuously forming a complete line without gaps.

"The needle", often referred to as "The pin" can be made of many different hardness metals and designed for very specific marking tasks.
All dot-peen technology equipment is segregated into two categories - Electromechanical machines with solenoid drive and Pneumatic machines on compressed air driven system design.
Electromechanical dot-peen marking systems.
Electromechanical pin marking systems, also sometimes called electromagnetic pin marking systems are all designed for light duty applications.
These systems, regardless of who manufacture them and who sell them, are all designed for use on applications where marking depth is not a critical requirement.
If you are looking for metal marking on soft metal parts like aluminium or where marking depth is not a critical requirement these systems will be suitable for your purpose.
If you are looking for metal marking on parts made out of hard metals or where marking depth is crucial, for example - if parts are to be sandblasted or painted after marking this technology is not recommended.
Instead - you should consider Pneumatic pin marking devices.
Why other dot-peen system manufacturers and sellers are claiming Electromechanical systems are suitable for most applications?

Electromechanical systems are cheaper than Pneumatic systems.
For young and inexperienced, but enthusiastic salesman it is  easy to sell cheap product.
Also, for inexperienced businessman or clerk it is easier to buy the cheapest offer, instead of doing "the research" into what is the right choice and will provide the best long term price/performance deal.
Telesis TMC-520 - Benchmark Brochure (PDF)
Telesis TMC-520 - Benchmark Рекламный проспект (PDF)
Pneumatic dot-peen marking systems.
Pneumatic dot-peen marking systems are robust systems designed for industrial environment and harsh working conditions.

Contrary to electromechanical dot-peen marking devices pneumatic dot-peen marking systems are designed to form deeper markings in harder materials.
For example - if you are planning to galvanize and paint your part after marking process, the marking made by high quality pneumatic system will be visible after these manufacturing steps are completed.

Telesis TMC-520 - Pinstamp Brochure (PDF)
Telesis TMC-520 - Pinstamp Рекламный проспект (PDF)
All Telesis Pneumatic dot-peen marking systems we sell have at least
2 year manufacturers warranty.
Portable dot-peen marking systems.
Both - Electromechanical and Pneumatic dot-peen marking devices can be purchased in a form of a portable or hand-held gun.

Electromechanical portable dot-peen marking systems can be either with or without battery.

Pneumatic portable dot-peen marking systems will still require compressed air supply to function. However - these systems are designed in a form of a hand-held gun.

Most of the portable dot-peen marking devices we offer can be purchased in a combination of table-top stand making them the most universal option for efficient and modert manufacturing facility.
One system can give user flexibility of having Two systems, it can be used as portable gun for large item marking as well as fixed table-top system for small part marking.

Wood marking using dot-peen technology.

Other technologies for metal marking.
Permanent marking technologies:
Scribe marking systems.
YAG & Fibre laser marking systems.
Diode-pumped Vanadite laser marking systems.
Marking technologies that can not be considered permanent:
Electrolytic - Electrochemical etching systems.

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