Drop-On-Demand (DOD) - Industrial Inkjet Printers.
marking.lv offer various types of inkjet printers for product and packaging marking needs.
CIJ - Continuous inkjet printers
DOD - Piezoeectric inkjet printers ("with printheads")
DOD - Thermal inkjet printers ("with cartridges")
Each of these three technologies have their advantages and disadvantages depending on production facility and marking requirements.
To learn which technology is the right choice for your application it is highly recommended to consult with industry professionals.
How does the Industrial High Resolution Inkjet printer work?
Industrial "Hi-Res" Inkjet printers work by making vertically placed ink chambers (nozzles) fire ink dots towards the material to be printed on (the substrate).
Kortho GraphicJet X72 (72mm)
Kortho GraphicJet X-Series - brochure
 Kortho Graphicjet X-Series - YouTube
How to install Kortho inkjet printers? - YouTube
The printhead with the nozzles is placed in a fixed position along the productionline while the substrate is being transported infront of it.
The print is then generated by the sequence in which the ink nozzles are being fired.
Because the nozzles are individually piezo-electrically controlled, printing variable data per print is possible.
Non - contact High Resolution coding, marking & identification.
Because the ink dots are fired onto the substrate without making contact with the printhead, this is referred to as non-contact coding technology.
The distance that the ink dots are able to cover towards the substrate is called their “throw distance”.
In the case of High Resolution Inkjet, these dots are only a few tens of a Pico litres in size enabling high resolutions coding at high production speeds.
As the ink dots are fired straight from the nozzles, the maximum height of the print is determined by the height of the print head.
Kortho GraphicJet X54 (54mm)

The most common heights are 18mm, 54mm or 72mm at coding speeds of up to 70 metres per minute, but larger print size options are also available.
What are the main advantages of Kortho inkjet systems?
Some of the main advantages of Kortho manufactured systems can be described as simplicity in design and control - Less Is More or "Smart Less Is More".

Technical Design Simplicity.
Kortho inkjet printers use non-pressurized "foolproof" system called FREEFLOW®
Not only are pumps and valves expensive, but they are also maintenance-sensitive moving parts that wear out. Not needing the pumps makes the printer cheaper, completely maintenance free, but more importantly gives it a bulletproof reliability.
In addition the head doesn’t have to endure the fluctuating ink pressure that a pump would normally cause.
As a result the printhead has a 6(!) times longer lifespan than in systems where the head does receive ink under forced pressure.
Software Design Simplicity.
Alongside the technical simplicity of the printer design probably the greatest advantage of Kortho Marking & Coding Systems is the new SLIMLINE concept enabling modern and simple control of the printers.
Kortho Control Center

Currently in Coding & Marking Industry and Industrial - Manufacturing environment in general, most of the devices have their own control panel - a separate controller for each printer or device.
These "computers" that are built into the manufacturing machinery are often the first components to fail due to the harsh working conditions.
Removing these "computers" from the factory floor can greatly increase the reliability of the machinery.
But there is also no need for having separate "computer" for each device since they are often idle most of the time.
Kortho Control Center (SLIMLINE & PRINTERFACE IoT)

This is why Kortho have developped new SLIMLINE concept which enables Kortho to design printers without local "computers" and allow control of multiple devices from a single controller located away from the harsh conditions icreasing the reliability of the system and reducing costs per device by up to 30%.
Kortho Inkjet printers and Kortho Thermal Transfer printers can be controlled from a single device - single controller.
Kortho Thermal Transfer Printers

WATCH Multiple Printers controlled by single controller - YouTube

Kortho GraphicJet X-Series
Kortho GraphicJet X-Series Manual
Kortho GraphicJet X-Series X-18 Technical Specification
Kortho Case Study - Prevent Errors
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