Scribe marking systems.
What is scribe marking?
Sometimes called "drop and drag" or scratch marking, scribe marking is an established standard for VIN marking and other applications where the noise of a standard dot peen marker is a concern.
During scribe marking process "the pin" - "the needle" is dropped and continuously dragged across the surface creating the marking.

Contrary to dot-peen technology in scribe marking the pin is NOT lifted up - it is dropped at the beginning of creating the character and lifted only when the character is completed.
Dot-peen marking devices are not Scribe marking devices.
Some sellers claim that their dot-peen machines can also do scribing - scribe marking, but this is not true.

If someone is trying to sell you dot-peen marking machine and saying that it will work as scribing machine the qualification and reputation of that seller is HIGHLY questionable.
Do not buy equipment from seller who is telling you that Scribe marking machine is the same as dot-peen marking machine.

Scribe marking is NOT Dot-peen marking.
How can you recognise Real Scribe marking machine?
You can easily tell the difference between dot-peen marking machine and scribe marking machine by simply taking a careful look at the machine itself.
Dot-peen marking device.Scribe marking device.

Scribe marking systems are bigger than dot-peen marking systems.
Another significant visual difference is the design of the pin that is creating the marking itself.

Due to the fact that scribe marking required greater force to create the marking, not only the machine itself is bigger and more massively built, but the marking pin assemply is also designed and engineered in a different way than it is for dot-peen marking pin assembly.

Scribe marking "pin assembly" is bigger and looks more like a cone, unlike the dot-peen marking device "pin assembly" which looks lighter and has cylindrical design.
After you've had a look at the machine you can also evaluate further differences while operating the scribe marking machine.

Silent operation.
Scribe marking technology is silent technology - there is no noise as it is with dot-peen technology.

High quality marking.
Scribe marking technology creates much higher quality marking than dot-peen marking technology.
As it is for any technology there are "pros and cons" and each and every true professional selling industrial machinery must be able to explain to their potential clients differences and advantages between the systems they offer.
Majority of our competitors in Baltic market are unable to do this.
Most of our competitors are only able to sell cheap and lie to their clients about technology capabilities - this is why factories built in Eastern Europe are often less productive than factories built in Western Europe.
Some of our competitors are even using our website as database and reference point, or simply making copies of our website content...
However, we are not like our competitors so we clearly state all "pros and cons" for each and every technology during the initial consultation phase, or sometimes even on our website.
What are the disadvantages of scribe marking?

Scribe marking systems are not portable.
You can have a scribe marking system mounted on an industrial robot to move it around your factory, but you will not be able to carry it around by yourself or in your backpack.
Price - scribe marking systems are not cheap.
Scribe marking systems will cost more than High End dot-peen marking systems, but they will be cheaper than laser marking systems.

Telesis TeleScribe® scribe marking systems.
Standard systems
TeleScribe SC-2000/2500 (75mm x 40mm)
TeleScribe SC-2000/2500 - Brochure (PDF)
TeleScribe SC-2000/2500 - Рекламный проспект (PDF)
TeleScribe SS-3700 (150mm x 50mm)
TeleScribe SS-3700 - Brochure (PDF)

Specialist systems
TeleScribe SC-3500 Versatile (150mm x 100mm)
Versatile system with large marking window.
TeleScribe SC-3500 - Brochure (PDF)
TeleScribe SC-3500 - Рекламный проспект (PDF)
TeleScribe SC-5000 Heavy-Duty (190mm x 63mm)
Heavy Duty system for deep marking.
TeleScribe SC-5000 - Brochure (PDF)

TeleScribe SS-5500 High-Performance (114mm x 63mm)
High Speed scribe marking system.
Contact us to learn  more about this system.

TeleScribe SC-6000 VIN (165mm x 30mm)
VIN number marking system.
Contact us to learn  more about this system.

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